Continuous Path

What do we do?

Continuous Path was established to research assistive technology solutions
for people with disabilities and encourage their incorporation into products. These solutions focus on improving people's ability to interact via voice, text and other communication technologies.


Continuous Path investigates market needs, identifies the proper base technologies, and develops specific software and hardware integrations to assist people with disabilities. Continuous Path strives to provide these solutions at minimal cost.

32nd CSUN Assistive Technology Conference

ATIA 2017 Conference - Where the Assistive Technology Community Meets

Continuous Path presents a paper on JustType at two conferences: 32nd CSUN Assistive Technology Conference and ATIA 2017 in Orlando on January 19th, 2017.  JustType is our research into efficient text input and computer control using 8 keys.  This technology opens doors for people with significant mobility impairments, enabling them to communicate with others and control their computer.

JustType - Efficient Text Input for Individuals with Mobility Impairments Using 8 Keys
Efficient Text Input Using 8 Keys.pdf
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ATIA JustType Presentation Slides
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Finding novel ways to apply mainstream technology to assistive technology challenges.

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