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JustType - Text Entry and Computer Control On 8 Keys

A method to enter text and control a computer for individuals with severe mobility impairments.


Individuals with severe mobility impairments typically have few ways to communicate.  Their ability to speak is difficult at best with few people that can understand them.  They generally have extreme difficulty using a computer.

Value Proposition

With 8 keys, the user can enter text as well as control their computer.  Text entry with 0.65 - 1.02 keys per character are possible based on different user options.


This keyboard can open communication paths for people that have been shut out for too long.

Underlying Magic

  1. Reduce the number of keys the user must control to 8 in order to constrain the problem to something the user can manage
  2. Provide multiple techniques to access the keyboard:
    • Keypad
    • Joystick
    • Guarded Touchscreen
    • Eye Gaze
    • Switch Scanning
  3. Create multiple layers of the keyboard to suppport major tasks:
    • Text Entry
    • Layer Switching
    • Text Edit Control
    • Computer System Control
    • User Options
    • Mouse Emulation
  4. Text input using 7 ambiguous alphanumeric keys and word level disambiguation
  5. Selection List Filtering:
    • Rote Words
    • Punctuation Promotion
    • Word Corrections
    • Word Predictions

Go-To-Market Plan

We are looking to partner with assistive technology keyboard manufacturers to incorporate the JustType features into a keyboard option within their products.  In many cases, their assistive technology keyboard already has most of the needed underlying software and the greatest effort is creating a new user interface.


We will work with research groups to improve the general understanding of effective techniques for severe mobility impairments.


CSUN 2016 Continuous Path presented a paper on JustType at CSUN 2016 in San Diego on March 24th, 2016.  JustType is our research into efficient text input and computer control using 8 keys.  Copies of the paper and slide deck are available here:

JustType - Efficient Text Entry for Individuals with Mobility Impairments Using 8 Keys
Adobe Acrobat document [1.1 MB]
JustType - CSUN 2016 Slide Deck
Microsoft Power Point presentation [3.3 MB]

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